The List of People Who Should Send Me An Email

The following people should send me an email when they find their names on the list below[1][2],
or if you recognize one of these people, maybe you can give them a heads up for me[3]

Name Year/Place Last Seen Last Seen With Notes
Chris Fortune 1995
UMass, Amherst
Karen (his girlfriend)
John Spinelli
Chris graduated somewhere around 1996 or so... which was around when I left Amherst. Chris has a huge tatoo of E.T (as in, the Extra Terrestrial) on his back (though that's not what the tatoo represents, from what I understand)
Domenic Santoro 1995
UMass, Amherst
(aka: "The Governor")
Domenic was a Civil Engineering major at UMass between 1990 and 1992. Domenic is originally from Cape Cod and dropped out of school [hopefully temporarily] to help his dad out with what I think was a family fishing business. Last seen in North Chatham, MA.
Mario Guaglianone 1994
UMass, Amherst
Dominic Santoro Mario was a lacrosse player from Weschester County, NY. He majored in engineering during his freshman and sophmore year, but i think he may have switched majors later on. Last see in Harrison, NY.
Mike Phillips 1998
Norwood, MA (ADAP)
Cambridge, MA (MIT)
Donna Lee
Mark Gallow
Steven Shinskey
Steve Donaruma
Mike used to manage an ADAP, in Norwood, MA. Mike went to MIT for a year but then took some time off. My guess is that he went back to MIT later on and graduated, but you never know. Mike grew up in Norwood.
[1] That is, if you want to speak with me.
[2] I realize it's pretty unlikely that these people will somehow end up stumbling across this page ...
but you never know. My guess is that everybody, no matter who it is, eventually searches for
their own name on Google, just to see what comes up.
[3] Thanks!