Tom Laramee Biography

After receiving a Master's degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1996, I accepted a position with Cambrige Interactive as a development lead. During that time, my team developed the Internet's first eAdvisory service, GigaWeb.

In 1997, I went to work for Starwave (in Seattle, WA), which primarily wrote software for user identification, authentication, polling, and publishing for a variety of high-traffic Web sites like and

Starwave was purchased by Infoseek in mid-1998 and I joined I was a senior systems engineer brought on to rearchitect and redesign their core encoding and META-data management systems, as well as to implement a comprehensive software configuration management (SCM) system to manage their source code, builds, releases, and documentation.

Since April 2001 I have been working as an independent consultant writing some machine vision/image processing applications for companies like Blindsight, Original Artists, Coastal Environmental and Coco Corp..

In 2006, I joined a six-person startup called Newsvine, which was later purchased by