Where Do We Go From Here?
So Much To Do, So Little Time:
  • Read street signs to people walking around.
  • Read newspapers and magazines aloud to people.
  • Read colors ... tell a blind person:
    The sky is slate grey today with big black rain clouds on the horizon.
    (That's the weather all the time here in Seattle)
  • Recognize people's faces ... tell a blind person
    "You're looking at Matt right now" or
    "You're looking at a green Audi Quattro right now" or
    "Your bus, the #54, just pulled up to the bus stop.
  • Use "super-resolution" techniques to take an image that's far away (too far to see), and make a bigger, clearer copy on a screen close to the user, so the user can can see the details of the picture, even if it's hundreds of feet away.
  • Make all of this work, and more, on a digital video feed, which means the user can be walking around downtown with a digital camcorder and have all of the machine vision techniques work on the video stream they're currently shooting.


Copyright (c) 2004, Blindsight Corp. All rights reserved.