Bob's Special Mail

On Thursday the 12th of September 2002, bob received the following letter (shown below) in his mail box. The contents on the front of the envelope have not been altered in any way (by bob). Note: Bob lived in Austria from June 2001 until July 2006.
Try Austria.
  • Click here to see a close-up of the envelope.
  • Click here to see the content of the envelope.
  • Click here to see the form that was filled out in order to try and correct the problem.
Here is another very well travelled letter:
Well Travelled Letter
It turns out that mail being sent to Australia instead of Austria is not so uncommon actually. I've received mail re-routed from Australia a few times already. What is unusual however is mail that is sent to Arizona instead of Austria (see image below). This is the one and only time I have ever seen this (from ~January 2006).
Try Austria again.
I thank the post office in Arizona for recognizing this error. I'm both surprised and impressed.
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