FAQ for The Rules of Stud® *

  1. What is this?
  2. Where did you get this?
  3. Was this for a class?
  4. What class was this for?
  5. You mean there are rules?
  6. Is this what he (the author) does with his free time?
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The following are frequently asked questions concerning Rules Of Stud®. They often are representative of a reader's initial reaction to the subject.

1A. "What is this?"

1B. "What the hell is stud man?" -Shari Aboosadi

It's the Rules Of Stud®. Read further.

2. "Where did you get this?"

Good question. It was constructed over years of discussion and deliberation.

3. "Was this for a class?" or "What class was this for?"

No and none.

4. "You mean there are rules?"

Now there are.

5. "Is this what he (the author) does with his free time?"

There's no need to answer that.

6. "I just can't believe you went through all this trouble." -Roger Bretherton

That's not a question.